Friday, 24 March 2017

Warlord Titan No.429- Phoenix Surgere, Legio Invicta

Certificate Number: 429
Titan Name: Phoenix Surgere (Phoenix Rising)
Pattern:  Mars pattern
Head Unit:  Lucius-Alpha Pattern
Primary Armament:  Belicosa Volcano cannon, Sunfury plasma annihilator, Apocalypse missile launchers, (shoulder laser blasters, Arioch power claw under construction for situational refitting)
Princeps: Princeps Marko Ramius
Titan Legio: Legio Invicta
Battle Maniple Composition: Destroyed during execution K494103 prosecuting the engines of the arch enemy on the forge world of Orestes. Awaiting reinforcements

Owner: Jason O.
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Comments: Under construction: Pictures documenting build here:

Currently receiving rite of colors after undergoing full refit. The god engine will walk upon the NOVA Open 2017


The lovely big boxes, signs of a new Warlord.

The ton of parts that become the might engine.

Even more parts!

Progress comes quickly...and with JB Weld

Gravity and other forces stand no chance against the clamps of the Mechanicus.

One of the Adeptus Astartes helps to keep the Titan safe while under construction.

The legs are certainly going to be held in place while curing.

Inventive use of pins to create a good look and add stability.

The Titan with its pants on.

A unique base for this Titan and a Wraithknight crushed underfoot.

War will come soon!

Great job so far! - TOC

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Mars Warhound No.636- Unnamed, Legio Metalica

Certificate Number: 636
Titan Name: Unnamed
Pattern: Mars Warhound Titan
Primary Armament: Plasma Blastgun and Vulcan Mega Bolter
Princeps: ++CLASSIFIED++
Titan Legio: Legio Metalica
Battle Maniple Composition: Unknown

Owner: Unknown
Location: Unknown, sold on eBay
Comments: Two tryptych images and a collage were sent in showing the original owner's work.  We thank him for sending this to us in order to help us complete the registry. - TOC


Very lovely chevron work.

A lot of care was taken to get a clean look and a lot of detail.

A very, very lovely engine.

Monday, 20 March 2017

New March of the Titans Story!

Following on the pledge of a new Titan story each week in the March of the Titans series from Black Library we see a Titan Legio take on one of its fallen kin.  Dishonor demands justice, and the Legio Debellator seeks retribution for the sins of one of its own.

Reaver Titan No.2008- Saevia Procella, Legio Tempestus

Certificate Number: 2008
Titan Name: Saevia Procella
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan
Primary Armament: 2x Laser Blaster, Carapace mounted Double-Barrel Turbo Laser Destructor
Princeps: Unknown
Titan Legio: Legio Tempestus
Battle Maniple Composition: Unknown

Owner: Frank R.
Location: Massachusetts, USA


The Reaver is ready to bring war and death.

Very beautiful scroll work on the carapace and the Tempestus camo scheme is well done.

Precise checkerboard piece work.

Great use of weathering.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Warlord Titan No.539- Pallidus Rex, Legio Pallidus Mor

Certificate Number: 539
Titan Name: Pallidus Rex (The Pale King)
Pattern:  Mars Pattern Warlord Titan
Head Unit:  Lucius-Alpha
Primary Armament:  Dual Volcano Cannons
Princeps: Xavier Kain
Titan Legio: Legio Pallidus Mor
Battle Maniple Composition: TBD

Owner: Scott S.
Location: Virginia, USA
Comments: Waiting on weapons at this stage, paint will begin tomorrow.


The start of every Titan.

Pallidus Rex stands upon a defeated foe!

Great work so far, can't wait to see more - TOC

Friday, 17 March 2017

Walk 2017 USA- Date and Location Announcement

When: Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Where: Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport
             2829 Williams Blvd
             Kenner, LA 70062
             United States of America
             Harry Lee B Meeting Room

Time: 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Central Time

Cost: Event room cost is $0 to the membership, members pay for their own travel, food, and hotel expenses.  Contributions towards the event room cost are welcome but not necessary.  We want you to enjoy yourself.

How: Email stating that you'd like to join the Walk 2017 for the U.S.  You'll be added to our email distribution list that will keep you informed about the event and the specifics for it, including special deals for the hotel and pertinent information.

Format: Barring the release of the Forge World Adeptus Titanicus rules, the game will be played in Apocalypse format with the Titans, supporting Knights, Adeptus Mechanicus Forces, and 1,000 points of other units not mentioned previously.  If the Adeptus Titanicus rules become available at least 30 days before the event, those will be used instead.

Who: Only members of the Titan Owners Club that have a registered Forge World Titan may enter this event.  Guests and spectators are allowed.

The official host city is New Orleans, LA!  And the guys at Games Workshop: Riverbend even wish to meet us.  Beginning on Friday, members who are in the area will receive a tour of New Orleans as well as a visit to the local GW store where the denizens of the city eagerly await games with TOC members that wish to bring their Titans in for that day.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Belicosa Volcano Cannon Unboxing

The biggest, meanest cannon (to date) of the 40k universe comes from under wraps as we do an unboxing of the Belicosa Volcano Cannon!  When building Bone Garland Drake mentioned that the cannon seemed like the one in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, he wasn't kidding.  Follow us for the ride as we show off this beast of a weapon.  Later on in another article we'll show you how it was built, too.

The lovely front of the white box that the cannon comes in, including barcode and QR scan.

Forge World made sure this kit was well protected and there's a lot of bubble wrap and plastic container protectors for some of the other parts.  There are actually not a ton of parts to it, but the size of the Volcano Cannon means that they had to take a lot of care with it so that these large chunks of resin wouldn't damage one another in transit.

A quality and color coded set of instructions comes with the kit, the mark of quality for this kit has been evident in every aspect.

Included are the main cowl, gun shield, barrel, main body of the gun, the energy bank, barrel cap, two support struts, three cables, and gun shield mount.

The gun cowl is one piece and comes on a single gate.  Care should be taken while clipping the parts off.

The gun shield comes as one form-fit piece that had no warping.

All of the smaller pieces (barrel cap, cables, and gun shield mount) come in a plastic bag of their own.

Removing all of the gates and flash on the kit is easy and a sufficiently large sink will allow you to clean the parts with ease.  The release agent isn't stuck hard to the parts and the cleanup is easy with a sharp hobby blade and files.  Mould slip was present but not too hard to handle as it could be solved with files, and scraping away mould lines like on a plastic model.  One thing that is evident when dry fitting is that green stuff work will be necessary.  We'll cover that during the build article.