Sunday, 23 April 2017

Update Warhound No4104 - Canis Ignem, 23/04/17

Ian has brought the newly named Canis Ignem to a nearly completed standard, lets see how the engine has progressed.

 Some great progress. Ian has some object source highlighting to do and some weathering before she is finished.

 The Inferno cannon looks great so far too.

Up to date as of 23/04/2017

Titan Owners Club

Friday, 21 April 2017

Mars Warhound No.3715 - Parva Silentium, Legio Audax

Certificate Number: 3715
Titan Name: Parva Silentium
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Omni: Primary build is Dual Turbo-laser Destructors, interchange with Vulcan mega bolter and plasma blast gun
Princeps: Ignatius Pride (deceased), temporarily assigned to Gunner Scarus (field promotion)
Titan Legio: Legio Audax
Battle Maniple Composition: None, maniple destroyed, awaiting redeployment

Owner: Stephen C.
Location: Norfolk, UK

Work in Progress
Rites of sanding!

Some extensive pipping begins.

The assembly continues

Wow. Thanks for sharing that process.

That is one hell of a stride.

A predator's gait.

That is a great colour. Looking forward to more progress.

Thanks for the assembly pics. They are great.

Titan Owners Club

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Warhound Titan No.1744 - Fury of Ultramar, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 1744
Titan Name: Fury of Ultramar
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan
Head Unit: n/a 
Primary Armament: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan Turbo Laser Mars Pattern Warhound Titan Plasma Blastgun
Princeps: Christianus
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum (Warp Runners)
Battle Maniple Composition: Reaver “932”

Owner: Rob van der Post
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Comments: Reaver Titan is fully magnetized, including magnetized Void Shields. Still work in progress, alongside my many other armies (Imperium: Ultramarines (20.000+ pts), Imperial Knights (4500pts), Raven Guard (3000pts), Death Watch (3000pts), Skitarii (2000pts), Inquisition, Officio Assassinorum, Grey Knights, Space Wolves & Red Scorpions. Xenos: Tyranids (15.000+ pts), Genestealer Cults (3000pts) & Harlequins)


Work in Progress:

Lets wrap her up!!

Titan Owners Club

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Reaver Titan No.1838- Invictus Nova, Legio Gryphonicus

Certificate Number: 1838
Titan Name: Invictus Nova
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Titan
Head Unit: n/a 
Primary Armament: 2x Reaver Laser Blaster, Carapace Double-barreled Turbo Laser Destructor
Princeps: Ephraim
Titan Legio: Legio Gryphonicus
Battle Maniple Composition: None

Owner: Aaron C.
Location: Louisiana, USA



The Titan has been magnetized well.  Transport and weapon swaps should be a breeze.

Hopefully the Rite of Colours is coming soon.

Invictus Nova stands proud and ready for war.

Great start to this engine! - TOC

KS0001 - Banner Mourning Orphan, House Morbidia

"The first brave Knight Scion is the Indomitable Sir Gary Church.  This is a very well painted trio of Traitor Imperial Knights in the colours of House Morbidia, with excellent basing too! We are looking forward to seeing your Warlord too!" - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Banner Mourning Orphan
Seneschal (or leader for Xeno Knights): Seneschal Keyser Sabien 
Knight Seneschal: Knight Errant 'The Mourning Orphan' - Thermal Cannon, Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Meltagun & Stormspear Rocket Pod.
Knight Scion: Knight Magaera 'Charon's Obol' Hekaton Siege Claw & Lightning Cannon.
Knight Scion: Knight Crusader 'The Serpents Offering' Rapid fire battle canon, avenger Gatling gun, stormspear rocket pod.

Knight House: House Morbidia 

Titan Allies: Legio Mortis Warlord (Number 000457)
Owner: Gary Church
Location: Torpoint, Cornwall. 

Comments: House Morbidia stands ready to purge Mars of the Terran loyalist dogs and reclaim Mars for the true Omnissiah.

Remember you too can join the Club with your painted Knight Class walkers by contacting us here (

Monday, 17 April 2017

Tech Priest Giveaway Results

In March, we promised to do a giveaway of a Titan Tech Priest when we hit 150 Titans.  Princeps, you have hit that mark.  As of today, we have 150 Titans officially enrolled on the blog, with 9 more to be added in the coming days.  We received a lot of Titan submissions after the announcement and exceeded the 150 mark quickly.  All 159 Titans were added to this contest in order to not leave out those that had submitted Titans but are still in waiting in our queues.  How did we arrive at this process, and who won the Tech Priest?

All 159 Titans were taken from the database and copied into an Excel file.  Using this file, a random number generator field was added assigning each Titan a unique value between 0 to 1 with no duplicates allowed.  From there, all that had to be done was to sort the numbers in descending order and that was the order of the potential winner, with the first to accept the Tech Priest receiving it.

Titan Owners Club is pleased to award Rob, owner of MWH1744, Fury of Ultramar, (to be posted Wednesday) the Titan Tech Priest.  We've already gotten in touch with him and the model is already on its way to a new home.

Upcoming Warlord Weapons and Ordo Sinister

With the advent of the Psi-Titan rules, one question came up over and over again: are we getting special items to create these weapons and looks?  Today, we bring you the response Forge World has given us on if they will indeed create specific items for the Psi-Titans and when we can expect standard Warlord weapons.  Right now, the Ordo Sinister Titans use the standard head and Belicosa Volcano Cannon but hidden in the imagery by obscurement to make the gun look dark and different.

Here's what Forge World had to say to us:

"Thanks for contacting us. We know that our studio are working on some specific parts for the Ordo-Sinister Warlord but at the moment we don't have a time frame for when they will be released unfortunately. This is also the case with more model options for the Warlord Titan in general as there are certainly other options to explore but we have no details at the moment, sorry."

Now we know it's just a matter of time.  How long it is, that's the mystery.