Monday, 23 October 2017

Appeal on behalf of House Col'Khak

You may have seen in his recent update Post that Jean-Yves M is currently painting up a banner of knights from House Col'Khak.  These knights are urgently required to support his titan, Custos Iuramentum of Legio Atarus.  The problem is info about House Col'Khak is quite sketchy.

At Warhammer World, there is a large Diaroma of the Mechanius, Legion Atarus, and House Col'Khak versus Tau.  There are some excellent pictures on the web (Weemen, you have been data mined), and the Adeptus Titanicus 2017 Facebook Group have also been awesome.  

If anyone has any pictures they have with close ups of the Knights heraldry and colours that I can forward on, this would be greatly appreciated.  

If your willing to let us put them up on the blog, even better.

Thanks for your help!  - TOC

Pictures provided by Col.Hertford

Saturday, 21 October 2017

KS0005 - Banner Opprimo, House Makabius

"The fifth brave Knight Scion is the formidable Sir Redscorps.  Painted in the colours of one of the most tragic of all Knight houses of the Horus Heresy (And my personal Favourite - Col.Hertford)!  A house of avarice and intrigue which was ultimately to betray the Emperor and be reaped in dark compliance by Mortarion himself." - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Opprimo - House Makabius

Seneschal: +++ Records Censored +++

Knight Seneschal: Opprimo - Acastus Knight-Porphyrion - Two Twin-linked Magna Lascannons, Two Autocannons & Helios Defence Launcher

Knight Scion: Nihil - Cerastus Knight-Atrapos - Graviton Singularity Cannon & Atrapos Lascutter

Knight Scion: Ferrum - Cerastus Knight-Castigator - Twin-linked Castigator Pattern Bolt Cannon & Tempest Warblade

Knight House: House Makabius

Titan Allies: No, but I hope to soon. Keeping my eyes open for a second hand Reaver to do up as a new one is a bit out of my price range.

Owner: Redscorps of (Well worth checking out - TOC)

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Comments: I’ve only just finished off this banner of knights with the Castigator this week, but the Porphyrion and the Atrapos have been fielded alongside my Death Guard for a while now as Lords of War. The Porphyrion has proven to be a total menace on the battlefield and has laid waste to many tanks, walkers, infantry and even a kicked a Primarch in it’s glorious career. 

A few custom touches for the Traitor engines come in the form of chain and skull hip-banners as well as hand cut pyramid studs from Plasticard. I went with more of a dull metallic blue for my guys than the grey and black ‘shadow’ as I’ve seen on other Makabius stuff too. The bases are made from cutting discs for a grinder with the Porhpyrion sitting on a 230mm disc.

More pictures...

Thursday, 19 October 2017

KS0004 - Banner Third Exalted Court, House Raven

"The fourth brave Knight Scion is the Indomitable Sir John.  The largest banner thus far and a second from the noble house of Raven!  The back stories are very well fleshed out too!" - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Third Exalted Court of House Raven

Seneschal: Princep Earl Harbinger, Knight Paladin "Cazador's Wrath"

Knight Seneschal: Princep Sam Haven, Knight Errant "Hunter's Fury"

Knight Scion: Noble Milo Anderson, Knight Errant "Flame of Victory"

Knight Scion: Baroness Holly Newcastle, Cerastus Knight Lancer "Lady's Vengeance"

Knight Scion: Noble Owen Zastava, Knight Crusader "Steel Reign"

Knight House: House Raven

Titan Allies: None

Owner: John P

Location: Illinois, USA

Comments: I enjoy a book series, which is where the names of the Princeps come from. The backstories, which follow, are my own. 

3rd Exalted Court of House Raven

Knight Paladin “Cazador’s Wrath

Princep Majoris Earl Harbinger

Princep Majoris of the 3rd Exalted Court of House Raven, Harbinger has led his Court into battle for years. His Knight was brought out of the Vault Transcendent by the Sacristans by order of the Iron Duke as soon as he was old enough to prove his worth. Wrath is the only Knight in the 3rd Court to wear chevrons, as a mark of respect from the other Pilots.

Knight Errant “Hunter’s Fury

Baron Sam Haven

Harbinger's oldest friend, Sam turned down his own Court to follow his friend into battle. Countless times, on countless battlefields, Fury has battled side by side with Wrath, both Pilots and Knights seamlessly melding into the perfect weapon of their enemy's doom.

Knight Errant “Flame of Victory

Noble Milo Anderson

Taken under Harbinger's wing as a new Knight pilot, Milo has been by his side for many years. His Knight’s Machine Spirit, is strong-willed, and must be kept on a tight leash, which Milo has learned to handle over time. Sometimes though, he let's Victory have it's fun, much to the consternation of his peers.

Relic Cerastus Lancer “Lady’s Vengeance

Baroness Holly Newcastle

Assumed the title Baroness after the battle of Hive World Ronan Secondus, during which her lifemate was killed by an Eldar Lynx. She continues to hunt the Eldar with a zeal unmatched by any Princep, hoping to find the Lynx pilot who killed her lifemate.

Relic Crusader “
Steel Reign

Noble Owen Zastava

Newest member of the Court, he inherited his Knight from his uncle after his death, as there was no living direct descendant. Reign is a ranged weaponry platform, and as such, supports the more assault based Knights. With Reign’s centuries of service to the Keep Inviolate, Owen is still trying to prove to the Princep Majoris that he deserves such a valuable Knight.

More fantastic pictures...

To register your painted three knights, just send the Banner details to use a

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Update Reaver Titan No.1787- Custos Iuramentum, 18-10-17

Jean-Yves has continued to work on the venerable Legio Atarus engine and we've got some great news and pictures to share:

"Good evening,

Here are some photos of the titan. This is a few hours after the mega battle at Games Workshop in the White Oaks Mall. I have played using the titan against many this past week for the 'Fate of Konor Campaign' I have only to do a few clean up and some painting and it will be finally completed. The knights with it are my view of how House Col'Khak should be. I have made the first group as one of the exalted courts. Still not sure what the house hold emblem should be but there is one that is fantastic."


A very lovely family photo.

So many Knights to keep the Reaver safe.

Very lovely posing and base.

Great chevron work.

And well done internals.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Behind the Scenes- Did You Know?

Did you know that we accept Forge World super-heavies of almost every stripe?

Did you know that not only do we take the actual Titans of the Mechanicum/Mechanicus, but the T'au and Eldar super-heavies created by Forge World?  We even accept the Manta, even though it's a flyer since it's such a unique and massive kit.  Even without a certificate, find a way to show us that you have a genuine engine and you can be part of the Titan Owners Club with a registered engine, able to take part in events, giveaways, and celebrations!  Think your Forge World engine qualifies, even if it's not one listed above, contact the TOC owners using the emails found on the "Join the Club" page.

We actually sport eight (8) Xenos engines at the time of this post.

Own three or more "Knight" type creations?  Stompas, Wraithknights, Riptides, Stormsurges, and of course Imperial and Renegade Knights all count as a Knight Banner, formations that are often seen running around with Titans in support of them.  In expectation of Adeptus Titanicus, and in line with TOC's mission to provide you the best resources on Titans and the warfare they engage in, we've added Knight Banners to the membership.  You can find more information on the "Knight Owners" page.

You're more than welcome to email us with any questions you have, and we promise not to bite.  We look forward to seeing you within our ranks and joining us on the journey.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Update Mars Warhound Titan No.4287, Unknown, 16-10-17

The original Princeps of MWH4287, John, let us know that the Astorum engine has been deployed to a new warzone. May its new Princeps find joy in the lovely war machine and register with us soon.

"I can confirm that Titan 4287 has found a new home and i no longer own him.

I have passed on the titan owners club details to the new owner so hopefully they will re-reg him with you soon.

John H"

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Eldar Phantom Titan 2- Fyr'ghal, Warfoundry Taeloch

Certificate Number: N/A
Titan Name
Fyr'ghal, "The Unyielding Wrath of the Forgelord"
Aeldari Phantom Type II
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: 
1 x D-Bombard, 1 x Dire Pulsar
Princeps: Kaelara, Steersman Prime of Battle Clan Rea'tha
Titan Legio: 
Warfoundry Taeloch, "Echo of the Fallen Pantheon"
Battle Maniple Composition: None

Owner: Michael R.
 Louisiana, USA

Comments: Build photos, commentary, and video to be added later.

Steersman: Kaelara, Steersman Prime of Battle Clan Rea'tha 
Combat Maniple: Teaglach Carresuith, "Ghost Dance"
Battle Clan: Rea'tha, "Streaking Starfire of the Divine"


Red boxes an resin parts!  Smells like a project.

All of those parts will turn into a deadly Eldar engine of destruction.