Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Death of Imperius Terrum Gaming Table

On March 5th, the Death of Imperius Terrum table went active at Warhammer World.  This table features a wrecked (made from miscast parts) Warlord Titan that collapsed in the center of an Imperium city.  What a gorgeous setup, and any gamer would be blessed to get a game in on such a beautiful board.  You can find out more here.

Think the cockpit hit did it in?

Losing a leg certainly doesn't help you to stay alive.

Especially when it's at your hip.  Such a beautiful job on this table.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

A New Century of Titans!

Titan Owners Club is dedicated to the achievements of its membership.  We watch, with pride, all that you accomplish.  We observe all of the impressive God-Engines that you create.  And your fellow Titan owners do so as well, looking to every Titan that goes up as a potential source of inspiration.

From one, all the way through two hundred.

You have achieved much, and this blog is where it is because of your creative efforts, Princeps.  We have, in just over 500 posts, put up 200 Titans.  Today, we celebrate all that we've accomplished together!  Before we show the celebration at its height, we just wanted to share the scope of what all of us have achieved in total.

  • 200 Registered engines, with a few in the backlog
  • 147 Titan owners
  • 10 Xenos engines
  • 3 Knight Banners, with several in the backlog
  • 1 Thunderhawk

There are 147 individual owners within the ranks of TOC.  You hail from 21 different nations from around Terra and do battle in the name of 53 different Titan Legios.  You have all been a part of a blog that has grown from a humble dream to a font of knowledge, inspiration, and community.  This is for you.


A Mars-Beta head theme caked baked by Drake and decorated to fit the bill.  And yes, that gold is airbrushed onto the cake!


The Walk 2017- USA was the first ever Titan Owners Club official event.  How can we possibly top an event that brought many Titans in one room and men from around a country?  By doing MULTIPLE EVENTS this year and going bigger.  Here are the details to get you started, but keep an eye on the blog over the next few days as we get ready to show these events off in style.  As things come closer together, we'll update you on the progress of these momentous occasions.

Walk 2018- UK

The first ever Walk in the United Kingdom!  It'll be a rumble to make all of Europe crumble, and the ink has only just dried on some of the details.  A lot more will be coming your way soon.

Walk 2018- USA

Battle returns to the City of New Orleans, Louisiana as TOC partners with GW: Riverbend to visit destruction once more in the U.S.'s second Walk.  There's a lot more to come as this event seeks to expand on last year's successes.

Where: GW: Riverbend
622 S Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans, LA

It looks like you've stumbled onto something here, Princeps.  Check the Manifold again later on, since right now, a third event may be making its way to you while your two Princeps Maximus handle the details of the deployment.


We have two giveaways for you to help celebrate, one for each century of Titans.  Up for your winning potential:

1.) A Lucius-Alpha Warlord head for one of the blog's Warlord owners.
2.) A Secutarii upgrade pack, eligible to all of the blog's members.

The winners of these giveaways will be announced at the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled.


How can we not do something that shows off the pride and joy of the blog, right?  Of course we had to do a video that's a monument to everything that we've accomplished together.  Check it out on YouTube and see for yourself what everyone's been up to while racking up 200 Titans.

The journeys will continue to come, and we'll continue to make them with you, showing off what you accomplish.  Thank you for making Titan Owners Club what it is.

Drake, Hertford, and Shadow

Monday, 12 March 2018

Mars Warhound No.5197 - Crebri Pluvia, Legio Tempestus

Certificate Number: 5197

Titan Name: Crebri Pluvia (Incessant Rain)

Pattern: Mars-pattern

Primary Armament: Mega bolter and plasma blastgun

Princeps: Unknown

Titan Legio: Legio Tempestus

Battle Maniple Composition: Custodi Tempestas (Warlord 00163), Bellator Ferum (Reaver 1855), Inundatione Lacrimae (Warhound 4870), Crebri Pluvia (Warhound 5197) 

Owner: Col.Hertford

Location: Hertford, UK

The forth member of the maniple.

The second half of the scout titan pair.  This duo of hunters range ahead of the battle titans targeting weak spots in the enemies lines.

This titan is currently in box and in need of a bath and some TLC.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Mars Warhound No.4870 - Inundatione Lacrimae, Legio Tempestus

Certificate Number: 4870

Titan Name: Inundatione Lacrimae (deluge of tears)

Pattern: Mars-pattern

Primary Armament: Mega bolter and turbo laser

Princeps: Unknown

Titan Legio: Legio Tempestus

Battle Maniple Composition: Custodi Tempestas (Mars Warlord 00163), Bellator Ferum (Mars Reaver 1855), Inundatione Lacrimae (Mars Warhound 4870), Crebri Pluvia (Mars Warhound 5197) 

Owner: Col.Hertford

Location: Hertford, UK

The third member of the maniple.

The first half of the scout titan pair.  This duo of hunters range ahead of the battle titans targeting weak spots in the enemies lines.

This titan is currently about 80% built.  The last 20% then on to painting.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Mars Warhound No.5264- Canis Vindictae, Legio Fidelium

Certificate Number: 5264
Titan Name: Canis Vindictae
Mars Pattern Warhound Titan (Hyena Configuration)
Primary Armament: Plasma Blastgun / Vulcan Mega Bolter
Princeps: Lon Ryko
Titan Legio: Legio Fidelium (Void Hounds)
Battle Maniple Composition: 

Owner: Jay D.
Location: Tennessee, USA
Comments: The Faithful Will Hunt the Faithless...



The start of a new Warhound!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Mars Warhound No.5184- Lupus Fortis, Legio Xestobiax

Certificate Number: 5184
Titan Name: Lupus Fortis
Pattern: Mars-pattern

Primary Armament: Mega bolter and plasma blastgun
Princeps: Elacian Mori
Titan Legio: Legio Xestobiax [The first one registered on TOC]
Battle Maniple Composition: 

Owner: Troy C.
Location: Connecticut, USA
Comments: big red box arrived, excited to start my build on my first titan. [Welcome to the journey- TOC]



The big red box and certificate of a proud Titan owner.


A very nice stance coming together.

Love the elevated right foot getting ready to take a step.

And a base, too!

Engine up to date as of 18-3-18

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Update Mars Warhound No.4721- Oculis Imperatoris, 4-3-16

Joseph had some amazing work to show off on his Titan, including a special image of his engine in action in a unique way.  Amazing work.


An amazingly well done engine!  The battle picture looks really nice as well.