Tuesday, 20 June 2017

TOC Warlord Mentioned on Warhammer Community

Today, Adrian O won the Warlord Titan in Forge World's giveaway and you can read about it here.

A special note about the interview is that one of our own was referenced as the cause of inspiration for the chosen color scheme.  


What Titan House you intend to paint it as?
I’m not sure at this stage, I only have loyalist armies and xenos (heresy I know, but you need something in your showcase for the mighty armies of the Imperium to crush) so probably a loyalist Legion. However, the paint scheme for the Carrion Rex done by Jonathan on The Titan Owners Club may persuade me to go with a Legion of less repute (I may just have to write some fluff about a maniple that remained loyal to the Emperor).
Source: Warhammer Community

Congratulations to Jonathan M. and Carrion Rex for being mentioned in the interview and being an influence to your fellow Princeps.

Here's the engine in question, and there's no doubt about why it inspired another Princeps.

Update Reaver Titan No.2028- Invictorus, 20-6-17

James was happy to show off the progress on his Reaver recently and the fruits of his labors are evident:


The Rite of Construction involved the use of strategically placed pins.

Setting a pose to stride into battle.

Already the engine has a powerful presence, and the magnets will help with transport.

On to the Rite of Colours

Very rich blues and well done golds.

Looking great and the weathering is superb!

A clear cut allegiance, and love the marble work on the white.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Update Reaver Titan No.2609- Pertinax Montem, 18-6-17

Grayson finished his Reaver Titan, Pertinax Montem!  He had a lot of update pictures to show us in the process.


A very lovely Astorum engine!

With conversion for the turbo laser up top and a special made chainfist.

Great use of heraldry and decals all over.

The Titan's name is shown with pride on the carapace.

Fully ready for war.


A very simple way to add the turbo laser to the Reaver, just go with it.

Grayson didn't like the FW chainfist, so he made his own using the Knights' chainsword.

Complete with decals and a nut and rod system vs magnets.

Another unique base seems to be in the works.

The original look of the power fist, but we know that didn't last.

Beautiful shoulder pad.  We've been promised a tutorial.

So much attention to detail.  And it pops against the metal-flake paint scheme.

The Titan took shape well.  The left leg hints at potential damage suffered in battle and was intentionally modeled that way.  A story to be told by its owner?

A very inventive solution for storage, transport, and weapon swaps.

Grayson had to drill a bit into the shoulder so it would sit flush.  Well done!

Stone sits atop the carapace for the glorious engine.

Red for the Collegia Titanica emblem to honor holy Mars.

The Reaver has its pants on.


A very inventive solution to the chainfist look.